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Antique Microscopes and Slides: A New Website

The purpose of this new website is to provide a useful resource for anyone interested in the history of microscopy and the largely long lost art of the microscope slide mounter. There will be images of the antique microscopes and slides from my own collection and sometimes others from consignments I have been tasked with selling. Scientific curiosities and natural history items of interest will no doubt appear on these pages from time to time too.

The site will also, on occasion, give auction reports and updates which might offer some insight into the sometimes incredibly frustrating and competetive, but regularly interesting and rewarding life as an antique scientific instrument dealer.

For now, you might check out my listing showing microscope slides prepared by Sir William Crookes, one of a few intrepid scientists from the last quarter of the nineteenth century who literally risked life and limb in their quest to achieve the seemingly impossible - an artificial diamond.

One final thing: Some special items have remained with me over the years, entirely due to my reluctance to offer them for sale. Some of these instruments will appear on this site, for sale, essentially, for the first time.

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