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Antique Leitz Microscope


Microscopes &

Microscope Slides  

Diatom from Antique microscope slide

07720 267617

antique microscopes & slides wanted

UK and USA delivery options available

Medusa from antique slide
Antiqe microscope image
Image taken with antique microscope
Old microscope slide image
Image from old microscope slide
vintage slide
old microscopes purchased
Fred Enock microscope slide
Antique exhibition slide rosette
Vintage microscope
From antique slide collection
Antique microsope W.A.Firth
Using antique brass microscope
from old slide collection
Bee Genitalia from Antique Microscope Slide


Peter Hodds, 21 Garnham Rd, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR31 6PB, UK .

USA delivery option also available to American sellers

Tel: 01493 443495 / Mob: 07720 267617 


Old Microscope Zetopan Reichert

Twentieth century research microscopes by Leitz, Zeiss, Reichert and Olympus also wanted.

Of particular interest are the following models: Reichert Zetopan, Leitz Orthoplan, Leitz Ortholux, Leitz Aristoplan, Zeiss Photomicroscope.

Accessories for any of the above are also wanted

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